Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last of the Autumn Lady's Tresses

Just a bjiou postette relating to the weekend. I'd noticed on Steve Gale's North Downs and Beyond blog that he'd seen some Autumn Lady's Tresses (a small but beautiful Orchid) up on Epsom Downs by the grandstand early on in September. Now my parents live at the bottom of the road leading up to Epsom Downs and as it happens we were due a visit there for a gathering of the clan to celebrate everyone's birthday. In theory we're supposed to meet up once for each person's birthday but in practice everyone is so busy that we're lucky if we manage one or two meetings a year. Anyway, we'd managed to find a mutually acceptable date so this weekend we all (i.e. my brother and his wife, and my sister and her partner) converged on the parental home. After much feasting and exchanging of gifts we decided on our customary walk up to the Downs where I suggested a minor detour to look for this orchid. Thanks to helpful instructions from Steve I managed to find a few of them still in flower though the others were less than impressed when they turned out to be so small (they're only about 15 cm high). Still I was pleased to see them and it made a nice little bonus to the day's activities.

The intricately entwined Autumn Lady's Tresses

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