Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wytham Wood in Early Spring

We went on a family walk on Sunday afternoon last week to Wytham Wood. It was wonderfully understated with the Bluebells just starting to come up and leaves just starting to appear on the trees and with everything still promising much but yet to deliver. As we wandered I snapped various flowers and birds though there wasn't much of the latter to be seen or even heard and a single Nuthatch was the only bird I actually saw close up. I was quite keen to see or at least hear a Marsh Tit as this is a great area for them but I had no luck today. Still it was a very pleasant afternoon stroll en famille with a light smattering of nature to boot.

The Bluebells are just starting to come through now
Dog's Mercury

Early Dog Violet

The one bird

Wood Anemone - all these years I've been ms-pronouncing it "Anenome" until I finally looked it up!

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